Saturday, May 28, 2011

Photos from my mission

Testimony of Faith by Elder Sean Kimball, posted by his Mom

In in Santiago now in the city! In an area called Gurabo, its sweet and it's defiantly not like bonao im in pure city.... experience i had was with an investigator and we talked about is something really important to understand because faith without ¨works¨is dead...sooo we were teaching him and we used an example to explain faith..we took a book held it in our hand and said with your faith move this book...sooo after we said this he closed his eyes and tried using his faith to move it... we were like we know you have faith..move the book...omgsh i was dying he was like trying to use powers to move it..i seriously started dying laughing it was sooo bad but he took it in a good way i wasn't making fun of him..then we explained even more and we explained clearer tat faith literally without works is nothing..soo we told him to move it again with his faith and then he realized that faith is more than believing..he was soo happy after that..he's a really intelligent guy and went to university and was a professor and knew the bible..but after figuring this out he thanked us and told us he never knew that faith is works!
Family! Huge lesson! We gotta take things more simply..because this gospel this plan is simple..sometimes we look at things in ways we shouldn't in ways that make it difficult for us to understand.

just think simply..
But I wanna talk about faith! FAITH!!!
faith is the first principle it's the first of all the firstlings! seriously! faith is believing in God and Jesus Christ whom we´ve not seen or heard talk is in Moroni chapter 7! not only is it believing but it's working..for example..we pray-thats faith..we talk with a Being who we cant see...thats faith! thats works! thats showing is soo important without it one cant ad wont enter in the waters of baptism nor receive the gift of the holy ghost nor pray nor read nor go to church....
Faith! Faith is something we alll need to keep nourished and cared for like in alma we read alma compares faith to a seed! We gotta nourish our faith by going to church and reading and nourishing it temptations are harder to enter into our lives..
Family let us show faith by praying always and reading the BOM and studying and going to doing so we will by spiritually nourished and taken care of because with this faith we put on the armor of God and with our shield and sword we cant fight evils way. Faith is real..and it works through action..Christ is our Savior He lives and loves us! Have faith! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

From Elder Sean Kimball

"Life is the best! here in the DR I get to see how many blessings our Heavenly Father gives us. I'm a lot more humble and grateful for everything now!! Time is flying by! Especially when I read Preach My Gospel everyday! My phrase is: "I'm a Preach My Gospel Missionary!" If you wanna be obedient you gotta teach what Preach my Gospel says cuz its direct revelation for these last days. I'm telling you I live with my Zone Leader and he tells me everyday to never stop reading Preach My Gospel and The Book of Mormon."

"another thing is that I had the funniest thing ever happen to mee! I was walking on the sidewalk and this one street the houses were cemented right next to the sidewalk and there was one house where a lady that was mentally retarded and would lean out the window and hit people with her I was walking by and never knew this and all of a sudden I felt this like punch almost and I turned to my companion cuz I thought it was him and then looked back and it was a lady from a window ha-ha and we just started laughing cuz this lady really has problems and she hit me with her shoe. Ha-ha, we were just dying!! OMG it was hilarious!"
I love this work its the most important work and it's my purpose, its part of the plan I was given to come to earth and serve the people of the Dominican to bring them unto Christ to tell them that they can gain eternal happiness by repenting, being baptized, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end!"

"everything I do is dedicated to Jesus Christ because He died for my sins so that I could enjoy the blessings of eternal life. I'm a representative of Him and I am going to do what He tells me and teach what He wants to be taught to the people and He wants me to be worthy and tuned in to receive revelation, to perform miracles through me and to receive visions of who needs to be taught, he wants me to be the best I can be! I want everyone to know that if the Lord wants to run an errand, that Elder Kimball can run that errand and will always be worthy to every day, every second of His life! I've never been soo happy in my life."

"One of my goals throughout my whole life has been to make a difference in this world! I want to make a difference! I want Gods children my brothers and sisters to come back to Christ to receive the fullness of the Gospel! Remember, remember, remember Our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ every day! Repent, Repent, Repent of your sins everyday and you know what will happen! You will PROSPER! I don't know about you, but that's a good promise to me! You'll prosper in school, work, trials and anything that's everything! Endure endure endure and thank Heavenly Father for every single thing you learned and all the blessings you received. Pray always specifically for specific people, read Chapter 10 in Preach My Gospel there's a section on prayer and a list of the good and bad ways to pray. Read it, Live it, Love it, and you'll be blessed!
Love ya always"